Month: January 2022

Several strips of bacon on a sheet pan ready for the oven

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven


I am not going to lie, bacon is one of my all-time favorite foods and has been since I was a little kid. Give me bacon and I am one happy camper. There are so many ways to cook it. Cooking bacon in the oven allows it to cook evenly […]

Pile of air fryer green beans on a white plate.
Side Dishes

Air Fryer Green Beans


I have fond memories of growing green beans or string beans in our family garden growing up. But I didn’t like eating them as much, haha. Well, I didn’t like many vegetables when I was younger. Now I absolutely love green beans. And one of my favorite ways to eat […]

Top 8 peanut butter recipes in back of a man

Top 8 Peanut Butter Recipes


Simply put, I love peanut butter. My tastes have come a long way since eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a kid, although I still enjoy those once in a while as an adult. In honor of National Peanut Butter Day, which is, January 24, I thought I would […]

Best homemade vanilla cake recipe on a white cake pedestal

Vanilla Cake Recipe


I am a huge cake lover, a bit of a cake addict if I am being honest. This easy homemade vanilla cake recipe is the best homemade vanilla cake I have ever made. It is so light, fluffy, and flavorful. Use this cake for any occasion, whether a birthday cake, […]

Top 10 cookie recipes man in front of plates of cookies

Top 10 Cookie Recipes


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a cookie addict. I absolutely love cookies. I love baking cookies, buying cookies, and of course, eating cookies. Homemade cookies are one of my favorite things to make. This Top 10 Cookie recipes list includes the most popular cookies here […]

rice cooker pancake on a white plate

Rice Cooker Pancake


I really enjoy trying new things and testing out different food hacks/tips that I see elsewhere like on TikTok. I like to see for myself if they actually work. Recently I saw a video where they cooked a thick pancake in a rice cooker. Pretty cool idea, I had to […]