Month: March 2023

Easy homemade green smoothie on a white plate
Side Dishes

How to Make a Green Smoothie


I have been on a big green smoothie kick recently. For me, one of the easiest ways to shed a few extra pounds is just by changing my breakfast habits. When I switch to drinking a smoothie instead of eating cereal or my favorite bacon egg and cheese sandwich my […]

Pile of homemade brown sugar in a glass bowl on a white plate.

How to Make Brown Sugar with 2 Ingredients


Did you know you can make your very own brown sugar at home with just 2 ingredients? This homemade brown sugar recipe is awesome and extremely easy to make. The whole thing comes together in about 5 minutes and it can be used in ANY recipe that calls for brown […]

Bacon egg and cheese sandwich on top of a white plate.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich


I am obsessed with bacon, egg, and cheese meals whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I love this stuff. One of my favorite things to make is this bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I will admit, when I first saw a video of someone making this breakfast sandwich, I thought […]

Several homemade snickers on a white plate.
All Things Chocolate

Homemade Snickers


I love Snickers bars. They are one of if not the most popular selling candy bars in the world. Those sweet milk chocolate covered, caramel peanut topped, nougat bars are so good, they really will satisfy you. Time to elevate these a bit with homemade Snickers. These homemade Snickers are […]