Month: April 2023

Pulled pork sandwich on a white plate.
Main Dishes

How to Make Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot


One of my go-to main dishes to make when I am hosting a get-together has got to be homemade barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. I absolutely love pulled pork. Whether plain and in some yummy tacos or with barbecue sauce in the form of a sandwich, I don’t care. Give me […]

Bowl of homemade rice flour next to a bowl of rice.
Side Dishes

How to Make Rice Flour at Home


Did you know it is incredibly easy to make rice flour at home? Lots of people enjoy making ingredients at home because they know there are no preservatives added or simply because it is fun. Making rice flour is no different. It is incredibly satisfying to make and can be […]

Single serving banana cake in a white ramekin

How to Make A Single-Serving Banana Cake


Here is the scenario, you have 1 ripe banana sitting on your counter and you are craving banana cake or banana bread but that isn’t enough bananas. The solution is simple, make this super yummy single-serving banana cake. From start to finish it is ready in under 5 minutes! If […]

Sourdough starter next to sourdough bread

How to Make Sourdough Starter with 2 Ingredients


I am a huge fan of sourdough anything, especially sourdough bread. It is probably one of my favorite types of bread to make at home. In order to make sourdough bread you need a sourdough starter. Sourdough starters are awesome and can live almost forever. As long as you keep […]