Open bread box containing french bread, bagels, and hot dog buns.
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Bread Box Review


In this bread box review, I talk all about bread boxes or bread containers, bread keepers, etc. You will find out what one is and what it is used for.

In particular, I will review a particular style of bread box and let you know where you can pick one up if you like. The specific one I have is no longer made but there are plenty of very similar ones on the market. On to the review!

What is a bread box? Why get one?

Bread box on a wooden table.

Before I get into the review of this particular bread box, I want to explain exactly what one is, and what they are used for.

A bread box or bread bin, bread container, bread keeper, is a container made specifically to hold the bread. Imagine that. It also is good for holding other “bread-like” baked goods like bagels, hot dogs and hamburger buns, etc.

Bread boxes were more commonly found before bread started to be massed produced in plastic bags along with all kinds of preservatives added. But they are still used today and still have value.

They make great gifts, like a housewarming gift, and look cool on the counter as opposed to just the bread sitting in a plastic bag.

I like that they are large enough to hold all of my baked goods, that I buy if I don’t happen to make them myself of course.

Bread box with open lid

And one of the huge benefits is that bread boxes help to keep the baked goods fresh longer and help prevent the development of mold.

Traditionally the bread box was made out of wood, but nowadays more and more of them are made out of stainless steel.

Also, there is a nice tight lid on them that helps keep insects and other critters from getting to those precious baked goods.

Bread Box Review

Inside of the bread box.

The first thing I noticed about this style of bread box is that you can fit a lot of stuff in there. It is a very nice size. It is made from nice stainless steel and has a crisp clean look to it.

Several items of bread in the bread box.

In the above picture, I have a full package of bagels, a full package of hot dog buns, and a full loaf of wide sandwich bread that all fit in the bread box.

Loaf of unpackaged bread in a bread keeper.

Or you can store homemade bread or take the bread out of the package it came in from the bakery and store it like that in the bread keeper.

Back of bread box

There is a row of holes on the back which helps promote airflow which reduces condensation and mold from forming.

There are no sharp corners on the inside where crumbs can get stuck. This also helps it to be easier to clean. Just rinse it out and dry it.

Bread keeper on the counter.

This will give you an idea of how the bread keeper looks on the counter next to the sugar and flour containers. It looks so much nicer than just a bowl or basket that holds the baked goods.

It is great for organization. Helps you keep a nice sleek, tidy, and clean kitchen. If you are one that likes to freeze all your baked goods then there wouldn’t really be a reason to get a bread box.

But if you want something that looks nice on the counter, helps keep your baked goods fresh longer, and keeps them all together, you may want to pick one of these up.

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