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Brod and Taylor Proofer Review


Time for another product review, I love doing these, because I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets. Next up is probably one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the Brod and Taylor Proofer.

I wasn’t familiar with the company/brand Brod & Taylor, but instantly liked them because my last name is Taylor, haha. I won their folding proofer in an online contest, and have been using it for over three years now.

Now let’s get on to the review. In this Brod and Taylor proofer review, I describe what it is and does, how to use it, and why you may want it in your kitchen.

What is the Brod and Taylor Folding proofer?

Brod and Taylor folding proofer on a counter.

Okay, so what is a proofer anyways?

This folding proofer is a box that provides the optimal humidity and temperature within it to help your dough rise better and faster.

So it’s really cool if you live in an area where you have a hard time with your dough rising or it’s cold all the time in your house or something of that nature, then you might want to try out a dough proofer.

They are fairly expensive, but definitely worth it if you make yeast based dough’s all the time.

But they’re not just for doughs. You can use them for all kinds of things. Their slogan is “One appliance. Endless uses.” The main reason I use it is for proofing my dough, and I make yeast-based dough all the time, so this gets a ton of use. Also, what I love about it, is you don’t have to worry about covering the dough with a damp cloth or plastic wrap, or something else that may stick to the top of the dough.

It can also be used for slow cooking. No need for a crockpot, you can turn any pot you have into a slow cooker!

The Brod and Taylor proofer can also be used for culturing and fermentation. Do you like making homemade yogurt? This is the perfect solution for that.

And let’s talk about chocolate. It can be used to temper chocolate, since it will melt the chocolate at a consistent low temperature.

So to sum up it can be used for yeast bread and sour dough, one pot meals, and yogurt and fermenting.

But honestly, I would love this product, even if it only helped my dough rise better and faster, haha.

How do I use the proofer?

Brod and Taylor folding proofer lid open.

The Brod and Taylor proofer is very simple to use.

First, you remove the lid and remove the wire rack and water holder. Then the sides fold up and come out and rest on the edges of the proofer to form the box.

Brod & Taylor proofer sides up.

Then put the aluminum water pan/tray in the box, and add a bit of water to it. This creates humidity inside the box. The wire rack goes on top of that. It rests perfectly on top.

Inside the folding proofer is a wire rack and rectangle aluminum water tray.

Now place what you want to use inside, bowl of dough, pan of cinnamon rolls, bowl of chocolate, mason jars of yogurt, etc. Set the lid on top and then plug it in.

Bowl of dough in a proofer.

There are two settings the proofer setting and slow cooker setting. You will select one of those, and then adjust the temperature. The temperature range is from 70F to 195F/21 C to 90 C.

Digital Temperature setting on the proofer.

Time to let it do its thing. Simple as that. Allow the dough to rise according to the instructions on the recipe. Although it will most likely rise faster. Or follow the instructions for the yogurt, stew, etc.

Risen dough in a large glass bowl in a proofer.

The Brod and Taylor proofer also comes with a little cook book with a few recipes that you can try.

Final Thoughts on the Brod and Taylor Folding proofer and where to buy it?

I am really happy I own this Brod and Taylor proofer. Like I mentioned earlier, I use it all the time, it gets a lot of use. If you make bread all the time, and love cool kitchen gadgets, like me, this product just might be right for you.

If you would like to purchase one you can find it here.

Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer Video

Check out my video review and watch it in action.

Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer and Slow Cooker | Kitchen Product Review Episode 17

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  1. You WON this in an online competition. How fortunate and coincidental that you also do online reviews. So honestly – would you pay $400 for it (which is what it costs in my country)? I am genuine in asking you this as I have read many comments from people who PAID for it lamenting its flimsy plastic construction and lack of temperature-efficient seals. So tell me honestly, would you pay serious money for it?

    • Hey Chris, I use it every time I bake bread and other yeast-based doughs. $400 is really expensive. Where I live if I were to buy it, it is only $195. I would pay that. But I don’t think I would pay $400 that is expensive! If you also may yogurt and other things all the time, it may be worth it. I haven’t had any complaints with mine, however. But bottom line, no, I don’t think I would pay $400 for it. Great question!

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