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What comes to your mind when someone says “chocolate”? Heaven comes to my mind, lol. I immediately am transported into a Homer Simpson like dream where everything around me is made of chocolate. I am skipping around, taking bites out of bunnies, trees, etc. And of course have a cheesy grin, or I should say “chocolatey” grin. It has always been something that I enjoyed as I get older I find I enjoy it more.

The sweet taste of milk chocolate is my favorite, but semi-sweet, dark, and white are up there as well. Give me a chocolate fountain and a spread of fruit and I will be like a kid in a candy store. What is my favorite treat? That is a tough question I like so many. Caramel and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly and since my homemade twix bars have both, I might just go with those as my favorite. If I do buy something at the store, Milky Ways are my candy bar of choice, with store bought Twix a close second.

Gluten free caramel brownies on a white plate.
All Things Chocolate

Gluten Free Caramel Brownies


On a gluten-free diet? If so, try out these amazing gluten-free caramel brownies. They are so good and super easy to make, the perfect treat for someone who can’t have gluten. While I am not on a gluten-free diet, I have lots of friends and some family members that are. […]

8 chocolate granola bars on a white plate
All Things Chocolate

Chocolate Granola Bars


I love granola bars, they are such a yummy snack. This particular recipe is for homemade chocolate granola bars. While they don’t have granola in them per se, I still call them granola bars, haha. There are so many different types of granola bars out there. Lots of different flavors […]

Easy chocolate souffle on a white cake pedestal in a white ramekin
All Things Chocolate

Easy Chocolate Souffle


I just love this easy chocolate souffle recipe. There is nothing quite like this incredibly impressive classic French dessert. For those of you who may not be familiar with the chocolate souffle, it is a French dessert that is somewhere in between a chocolate cake and a chocolate mousse. So […]

Pumpkin brownies on a white plate.
All Things Chocolate

Pumpkin Brownies


I love all things pumpkin and I am a bit of a brownie addict, so this homemade pumpkin brownies recipe is perfect! The Fall season is a popular time to make pumpkin-related desserts like pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies, etc. Time to add another yummy pumpkin dessert, pumpkin brownies. […]

homemade chocolate on a white plate
All Things Chocolate

Homemade Chocolate


I absolutely love chocolate, a bit of a chocolate addict. This homemade chocolate recipe is so awesome and the best part is it only requires three ingredients! Also this chocolate is completely dairy-free so it is perfect for chocolate lovers that don’t consume dairy or are lactose intolerant. If you […]

Two homemade brownies with powdered sugar on a plate.
All Things Chocolate

Easy Homemade Brownies


No need to make brownies from a box, when these easy homemade brownies are simple to make at home from scratch. They are fudgey and full of chocolate flavor. Growing up I loved eating, cakes, cookies, and of course brownies. Whether from a box or from scratch, I really didn’t […]

Gluten and dairy free chocolate strawberry tart on a white handrail
All Things Chocolate

Gluten Dairy Free Chocolate Strawberry Tart


If you can’t have gluten or dairy, this gluten dairy free chocolate strawberry tart is perfect for you. Even if you aren’t limited to those things, this dessert is amazing. Chocolate and strawberries are such a winning combination! Whether you have strict dietary restrictions or you simply just want to […]

Brownie pops decorated with a Halloween theme on a table.
All Things Chocolate

Brownie Pops


If you are a fan of homemade cake pops, you will love these homemade brownie pops. They are just like cake pops but are made with brownies instead of cake! I absolutely love brownies and cake pops, so naturally I wanted to make brownie pops from scratch. They are definitely […]

Oreo Twix Cookie bars stacked on a white plate.
All Things Chocolate

Oreo Twix Cookie Bars


Are you a fan of Twix bars? Are you a fan of Oreo cookies? If so, you will love this Oreo Twix cookie bars recipe! What can be better than a caramel covered Oreo cookie base, dipped in chocolate? Not much! Twix bars are one of my favorite candy bars. […]

snickers crisper copycat candy bars stacked on a white table.
All Things Chocolate

Snickers Crisper Copycat Recipe


Several years ago, Mars Wrigley released a new Snickers Bar called a Snickers Crisper. It was basically a square version of a snickers but also included Rice Krispies/crisp rice. So if a Snickers bar and a Rice Krispies treat had a baby it would be a Snickers Crisper bar! This […]