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I have a variety of interests that are related to food but not recipes, so I decided to include that information on this page. Maybe you will find some of this information helpful to you and learn something new. It will also be a fantastic way for you to get to know me a little bit better and the types of info I find interesting. If there is a food technology out there worth knowing I want to learn about it.

Canary melon on a cutting board
Interesting Info

Canary Melon


I am a huge fan of fruits especially melons. Tasting new things especially fruits is one of my hobbies. The next fruit I want to cover is the amazing Canary Melon, also known as the Juan Canary Melon. The name comes from the bright yellow rind which has pretty close […]

Korean melon on a wooden table with sliced melon in front of it.
Interesting Info

Korean Melon How to Eat and Taste


If you follow my Interesting Info category here on my blog, you know I love fruit! I love eating my favorite fruits, trying new fruits, and taste-testing exotic tropical fruits, not normally found at my regular grocery store. Next up is the Oriental melon, commonly called the Korean melon here […]

Hami melon cut in half on a cutting board
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Hami Melon


I am a huge fan of fruit, in particular, I love melons. From the small but super delicious Korean melon to the cantaloupe to the honeydew, and of course the watermelon, with plenty in between like the canary melon and the Piel de Sapo. In this article, I talk all […]

how to store brown sugar
Interesting Info

How to Store Brown Sugar


We have all been there. It is a nice spring afternoon, you have a bit of a sweet tooth so you decide to make some amazing soft chewy chocolate chip cookies. You get all your ingredients out and low and behold, the brown sugar that you had sitting in its […]