Product Reviews

kitchen toolsI enjoy doing product reviews. If there is a cool kitchen gadget or product out there that will make my life easier, then I want to know about it. “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat, wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete…” Also if I can find something that might help someone else out, then that is a win, especially if that person has been thinking about buying it but weren’t quite sure. I review everything from the “As Seen On TV” bacon bowl to an awesome dough proofer and beyond. I also include links to those products in case there is something you are interested in. The links are affiliate links so I will get a small percentage of the sale, but it won’t cost you any extra.

Hopefully, one of these product reviews will help you out. ? For the most part, I enjoy using every one of these products. In each review I talk about the product and then say whether I think it is worth owning or not.  Let’s begin!

two glass bowls sitting on a wooden table with silicone stretch lids
Product Reviews

Silicone Stretch Lids


Do you ever get tired of buying plastic wrap? Maybe when you pull out the plastic wrap from its box it constantly sticks to itself and then you get frustrated trying to pull it apart and wind up throwing it away and getting a new piece? Not that that has […]