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How to Store Brown Sugar


We have all been there. It is a nice spring afternoon, you have a bit of a sweet tooth so you decide to make some amazing soft chewy chocolate chip cookies. You get all your ingredients out and low and behold, the brown sugar that you had sitting in its bag loosely folded over is now hard as a brick! Don’t throw it away! In this article, you will learn how to store brown sugar properly. Also, how to restore that hard brown sugar back to the soft sugar it once was.

You think, what? I just bought this a few weeks ago, and the expiration date is still several months away. Ring any bells? So why did the brown sugar turn hard and how can you prevent it? ALSO if that does happen is it salvageable? I will address all of those questions in this article. Let’s get started!

How to store brown sugar properly

Hands holding silicone storage bag for storing brown sugar.

First, in order to store brown sugar properly, you need a way to prevent air from getting to it. Why? Because the air pulls out the moisture from the brown sugar causing it to get hard.

I am sure there is a chemistry explanation, with atoms and molecules. But the basic explanation is the sugar gets dehydrated, haha.

So to prevent that from happening always store your brown sugar in an air-tight container like Tupperware or one thing I started doing is storing mine in its original bag and then in an airtight silicone bag. Mason jars are also a good choice.

Learn all about the silicone storage bags I use. A lot of times the original bag with just something like a twisty tie is not enough.

vacuum sealed containers for holding brown sugar, apples, etc.

You could also get fancier and get these Pomodoro vacuum sealed containers. I did a video review for those which you can find here if you like.

How to turn hard brown sugar soft again

Now that you know how to store brown sugar properly it still may get hard on you. So now we get to the situation where you have this brick of brown sugar. No way to use it as is. There are several methods you can employ. The science is we need to re-introduce moisture back into the sugar. So try one of the following methods:

1. You can put the brick of sugar in an airtight container, then add a slice or two of bread with it. Put the lid on and let sit for about 24 hours. Voila, the sugar will pull moisture from the bread slice and soften up the sugar. Isn’t that awesome?

2. Similar to number one, but you use a few apple slices instead. Again really cool!

3. Similar to 1 and 2, but you use a big marshmallow instead. Wow this is amazing.

4. There are some terra cotta storage tablets that you can get wet and then place with the sugar, which should to do the trick.

5. Let’s say you really need to use that sugar right away. One thing you can try is putting the sugar in the microwave with a damp paper towel and turn it on for 5 to 10 seconds, then check it, etc. Until the sugar softens up.

There you have it, a little bit about how to store brown sugar properly so it stays soft and ready to use, and how to get it back to that soft stage if it hardens on you. Happy Baking!

Check out the video I made on how to store brown sugar and how to make it soft again

How to store Brown Sugar Properly | Talking Food vlog episode 8

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  1. Love the tips, I have always struggled with storing brown sugar because it always turns hard. This article is so helpful!

  2. katerina @

    Great tips! This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jessica Burgess

    This is SUPER helpful! I feel like it gets hard immediately after I open it. Lol! Can’t wait to do it like this, thank you!

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