Best homemade vanilla cake recipe on a white cake pedestal

Vanilla Cake Recipe

I am a huge cake lover, a bit of a cake addict if I am being honest. This easy homemade vanilla cake recipe is the best homemade vanilla cake I […]

Top 10 cookie recipes man in front of plates of cookies

Top 10 Cookie Recipes

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a cookie addict. I absolutely love cookies. I love baking cookies, buying cookies, and of course, eating cookies. Homemade cookies […]

rice cooker pancake on a white plate

Rice Cooker Pancake

I really enjoy trying new things and testing out different food hacks/tips that I see elsewhere like on TikTok. I like to see for myself if they actually work. Recently […]

Gaya melon cut in half on a white plate
Interesting Info

Gaya Melon

I absolutely love fruit, especially melons. From the amazing ┬áKorean melon to the watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, Piel de Sapo/Santa Claus melon, and Canary melon. In this article, I talk all […]

Open bread box containing french bread, bagels, and hot dog buns.
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Bread Box Review

In this bread box review, I talk all about bread boxes or bread containers, bread keepers, etc. You will find out what one is and what it is used for. […]

Tejocote fruit piled in a white bowl
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Tejocote Mexican Hawthorn

Time to take a look at another fruit, the tejocote, also known as the Mexican hawthorn, manzanita (tiny apple), and the scientific name, Crataegus mexicana. I really enjoy trying out […]

several homemade snowball cookies on a cutting board

Snowball Cookies

I love the holidays, especially Christmas. It is a great time to bust out all of those holiday cookie recipes. A popular holiday cookie here in the United States is […]

Simple salad on a white plate
Side Dishes

Simple Salad

I enjoy a good salad. When I am looking to lose weight I always eat this simple salad for lunch and even sometimes for dinner as well. I don’t mind […]

White plate full of homemade garlic bread

Homemade Garlic Bread

Along with being a chocolate addict, I am also a bread addict. I have a whole category here on my website devoted to all things bread! One of my favorite […]