Pampered chef measure all measuring cup on top of a wooden table.
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Pampered Chef Measure All Measuring Cup Review


Time for another kitchen gadget review. From time to time I like to highlight and review some of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets. Next up is the Pampered Chef Measure All Measuring Cup.

I will talk about the benefits, how to use it, and give my suggestion about whether you should own it or not. First, off this Pampered Chef Measure All Measuring Cup is awesome! I received it as a gift several years ago from my brother and his wife.

Who doesn’t like to be pampered, am I right? I know I sure do. This tool definitely “pampers” you. Some all-in-one tools don’t work very well, but this one is so simple in design, and can measure so many things.

It also is labeled with both American Standard Cup measurements as well as Metric measurements.

The main goal of this tool or kitchen gadget is to take place of all those measuring cups you have lying around, and replace it with one tool. It measures both liquid and dry ingredients.

Pampered Chef measure all measuring cup on a wooden table.

On one side it has the liquid measuring units, again in American Standard cups and metric milliliters. On the opposite side it gives the dry measurements, in cups, tablespoons, and ounces as well as milliliters.

To operate it you just push it down to the measurement you want to use and then fill it up. I love using this for things like peanut butter, butter, shortening, etc. Because you don’t have to scrape the individual measuring cup out, you just set it to the measurement, fill it up, and then push on the bottom and the whole thing comes out in one fell swoop, pretty awesome. Isn’t that amazing? I think so.

Peanut butter inside of a pampered chef measure all tool.

The Pampered Chef Measure All Measuring Cup also is super easy to clean. You just pull it apart and hand wash it, or you can put it in the dishwasher.

I really like this product a lot. It is very versatile and I like how it takes the place of so many measuring cups. It isn’t to large either. The capacity of this one is 2 cups (1 pint, 16 ounces, 480ml).

Pampered Chef really created an amazing little gadget with this measure all tool.

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Kitchen Gadget Rating: 10/10. I don’t normally give out 10s willy nilly, but this tool is so useful that it deserves a 10.

Do you have this tool? If so let me know in the comments your experience with it. Enjoy!

Pampered Chef Measure All Measuring Cup Review Video

Pampered Chef All in One Measuring Tool | Product Review 14 | You Need This

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  1. My brother has this and loves it! It’s cool to read your experience with it too.

  2. Love this review! So helpful!

  3. This is one of my favorite tools. We make sour cream pancakes almost every weekend and it’s a lifesaver making the recipe much easier.

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