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Secura Air Fryer Review


Today, I have another product review episode for you. I’m going to be reviewing this Secura Air Fryer.

I will admit I don’t use air fryers all the time, but they certainly come in handy for certain situations. My microwave and my conventional oven still get used more often, but everyone’s situation is different. Tight on space? An air fryer is definitely the way to go.

Don’t have room in your RV for a traditional oven? Get an air fryer. It’s summertime and warm in your house and you don’t want to turn on your oven. Use the air fryer! They have so many uses and can pretty much cook whatever you need them to. There are plenty of them on the market, but in this article, I will focus on the Secura Air Fryer.

What is an air fryer?

Secura air fryer on a table.

Air fryers are pretty much a little mini convection oven. So what does that mean? Well, a convection oven has a fan that blows hot air that gets circulated throughout the oven to help cook your food.

The air fryer has a heating element on the inside at the top. And then they have fans that will blow air past the heating element and the air goes all around the food cooking it. And the cool thing about this is it makes cooking more healthy. Especially for foods that you might normally deep fry.

So the air fire can be used to fry, roast, bake, reheat, or grill. All those little things that you can do with an oven, you can do with the air fryer, it’s really neat.

Some cool things about this Secura Air Fryer are it heats up to temp within three minutes or less. This is much faster than a traditional oven. Which is common among all air fryers.

And so this is ready to go in a pinch, which is really nice.


The first thing I notice is this Secura Air Fryer is pretty good-sized. It’ll fit on the counter. It’s like the size of a large coffee machine, I would say.

Secura Air fryer with dial and temp

It has a dial for the timer and the temp. And what you do is you set your temperature to whatever you want it to be. And then right when you turn on the timer, it turns the air fryer.

Timer and temp guide for air fryer

This Secura Air Fryer has recommended temps for different types of foods, which makes things quick and easy. French fries, steak, chicken, and cake can all be cooked in the air fryer. Yes, you can make a cake in this air, fryer, different meats and bread. Check out this article to learn how to cook crispy french fries in the air fryer. And then if you want to make a cake, check out this article on how to bake a cake in an air fryer.

Back to the Secura Air Fryer. It has a basket mechanism that you pull out and separates. To do that, you move the slider up and push the button, which releases the basket.

The basket is large. You can fit a good amount of food in it, 5 to 6 quarts worth. Technically the official size for this Secura Air Fryer is 5.3 quarts.

How to use the Secura Air Fryer?

The Secura Air Fryer is extremely easy to use. All you do is plug it in and rest it on the counter. Slide the basket out and place whatever you want to cook in the basket. Slide the basket back into place.

Basket for air fryer

Set the temperature to whatever you want. Use the helpful guide for the more common types of food. Then set the time and it will turn on and do its thing. It is always a good idea to check the food a few minutes before. In the case of French Fries you take the basket out about half way and shake it to help the fries cook a little more evenly, but that isn’t necessary for a lot of dishes.

Once the timer is done, remove the basket and use tongs or something to take the food out of the basket. Then serve. Super easy right? Air fryers really are handy to have.

How do you clean the Air Fryer?

Two parts of air fryer basket.

Air fryers are generally very fast and easy to clean. Once the basket cools down you can clean both basket parts with hot soapy water. If there is grease or something in it, wipe out the grease first with a paper towel or something, then wash them with hot soapy water. Then just let it air dry or wipe it dry with a towel. Simple as that. It takes only a few minutes to clean.

Final Thoughts

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If you have a small studio apartment and you don’t have an oven and maybe you just have a hot plate, an air fryer would work perfectly. Because it’s pretty much a little mini oven by itself, which is really awesome. And it works a lot faster than a traditional oven.

So for like small amounts of food, this works extremely well, when you don’t want to heat up your whole oven for a few pieces of chicken, etc.

Also one of the main benefits of the air fryer is you don’t have to have so much oil. Which makes the food come out being healthier.

The Secura Air Fryer is super easy to use, I like it. If you are looking to get an air fryer, pick one of these up I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Click on the above image to find it or on this link.

Check out the video review that I did as well as some awesome air fryer accessories.

Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer | Kitchen Product Review Episode 19

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  1. Just got a new Secura air fryer–5.3 qt–kinda heavy (even the basket is heavy) so would the smaller qt capacity be lighter weight overall?–I have arthritis in my hands & am thinking this will be too heavy

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