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Silicone Stretch Lids


Do you ever get tired of buying plastic wrap? Maybe when you pull out the plastic wrap from its box it constantly sticks to itself and then you get frustrated trying to pull it apart and wind up throwing it away and getting a new piece? Not that that has ever happened to me before…That is where these silicone stretch lids food covers by EcoLifeMate come in.

They don’t have to be that particular brand they all have the same purpose, a reusable cover that keeps your food fresh. Who doesn’t like reusability?

I was excited to get my hands on them and give them a test run. In general, I really like using silicone products. I use my silicone baking mats ALL the time. I also have all kinds of silicone molds that I use as well as silicone storage bags.

Things I look for when reviewing kitchen products

For this review, I wanted to answer a few questions. Is it easy to wash? Does it perform as expected, meaning will it created a tight seal and keep my food fresh? Ease of use, exactly how easy is it to use? Is it safe to use? And finally, would I recommend this product or a similar product to people? Still with me? Alright, let’s get started with these silicone stretch lids review.

Why Silicone Stretch Lids?

First why these silicone lids? Is there actually a need for them? The idea here is that they will significantly reduce the need to buy plastic wrap. They will also reduce the amount of waste that you have because you can use them over and over again.

Which in the long run will save you time and money, I love that. Any time I can save time and money, sign me up! These lids boast a lifetime warranty, you can’t say that about the plastic wrap.

What you get

With this particular brand, I wound up getting 12 lids with 2 of each different size ranging from XS to XXL. To give you some real-world sizing measurements, from small can sizes to salad bowl sizes. More specifically 2.6 inches to 8.3 inches non-stretched diameters.

For the most part, the sizes are a nice broad range that will fit the majority of my bowls and containers. I will point out that these are versatile you can put them on square and rectangle containers as well, which is a bonus!

Silicone Stretch Lids are easy to clean

The box states that these food covers are easy to clean. All you need to do is use some hot soapy water and wash them, or throw them in the dishwasher because yeah, they are dishwasher safe.

I will be honest I don’t use my dishwasher that often, I normally hand wash everything. When put to the test, yep they are super easy to clean, as most silicone products are.

How does it perform?

Hands stretching a silicone lid over a small glass bowl.

Okay, time to put it to the test. When using these lids I noticed they are fairly easy to use as long as you pick the appropriate size of container with the lid. That makes sense to me.

If you try and stretch a tiny lid over a large bowl, of course you will have trouble. It does take a bit of practice to get the technique down for putting the lids on but very easy to learn.

They have these little tabs around the edges of the lids that make it easier to stretch them over bowls and other containers. Also, they are thick making them tear-proof.

The last thing you want is to have them tearing on you. I thought the best way to test it was with a bowl of water. Just how tight would that seal be?

I was impressed at how tight the seal got. Holding it upside down resulted in no water spilling out. I even shook the heck out of it putting a good amount of force on it and no water came out.

The demonstration looks reall cool in the video I made. You couldn’t do that with plastic wrap. The seal wouldn’t be that great and it would leak like crazy if you tried to put it upside down and shake it.

Another thing I noticed was the little grooves on the outside of the lid make it really easy to hold the bowl. Another thing I noticed is even if you don’t put the lid on perfectly it still creates a nice seal for you. Kudos to you little silicone stretch lid you worked as intended.

Are silicone covers safe?

Are these silicone food covers safe to use? They are FDA approved and are made from BPA free food grade silicone.

They can be used in the dishwasher as I mentioned, can be used in the microwave, and even in the freezer. Whenever buying products like these you do want to make sure they are FDA approved and made from BPA free materials.

If those things are not noted in the description on Amazon or wherever you purchase them, I would be leary of them.

*Also, I have conducted a thorough “stretch test” on these lids. When you give them a really good stretch they should remain clear, and not turn white and cloudy looking. The white cloudy-looking stuff is the other chemicals added to the silicone. These lids indeed stay clear.

Last thoughts and recommendation

Silicone stretch lids covering two glass bowls sitting on a wooden table.

That brings us to the conclusion of this review. I am impressed with these silicone stretch lids food covers. They are easy to use, easy to clean, safe to use and work as intended.

And I like how they can be used in the microwave, in the freezer, and even be placed in the dishwasher. Since I have owned them I have had the same roll of plastic wrap.

I still use plastic wrap, but not very often anymore. Two thumbs up for this product and 5 out of 5 stars. I think you will be happy if you decide to owns these.

Where are silicone covers sold?

You can purchase them on Amazon.

Silicone Stretch Lids Food Covers

Check out my review video for the Silicone Stretch Lids Food Covers

Silicone Stretch Lids Food Covers by EcoLifeMate | Kitchen Product Review Episode 18

Have any experience using these? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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  1. I’ve tried these and love them for most of the reasons you mentioned. I even went and bought more. But after a few uses and washs with soapy water, they became impossible to clean. There’s food hopelessly stuck in the ridges. They’re stained. Even the flat part, the food stays stuck on even with harsh scraping.
    I’ve tried every cleaning trick I can find on the internet: soaking them, boiling them, baking soda, and the dishwasher. Nothing works (also, they broke my dishwasher ๐Ÿ˜ž ). Is there something I’m missing or are they only meant for a half dozen uses? That doesn’t seem very green.

  2. Michael Lavelle

    Hi Matt, stating that these are FDA approved can be misleading in that the reader may think the product has been approved when itโ€™s actually only the material used that has been approved. In this case it is food grade silicone that has been approved for use in food products, and not the product it self. The main safety issue with silicone food covers is that while the packaging may state โ€˜food grade siliconeโ€™ it doesnโ€™t mean they are 100% food grade silicone. Very few are. Most have fillers added like PVC, BPC and other toxic ingredients. Ignore what it states on the packaging as the industry is unregulated. Use the stretch test to check the quality of the product. When stretched the silicone food cover will remain clear if it is 100% food grade silicone. If it turns white when stretched or pinched it contains fillers which can leach in to your food and as such enter your body. In Australia, Coles, Woolworths, Spotlight, even Kmart and many others sell silicone food covers that are not 100% food grade silicone that include toxic fillers. Your readers need to be looking for platinum grade silicone food covers. Maybe you could update your YouTube video to show the quality of these covers when stretched and reassure us of their safety.

    • Hi Michael, thank you for your concern. These are indeed 100% food-grade silicone as stated. And it remains clear when stretched, if you watch the video, you can see it being stretched, albeit not super far apart. And I just went and stretched them again, very far apart, a good foot or more. They remain the same as if it wasn’t stretched. I am pretty sure if you put false information on your packaging, you can get sued. Like saying something is BPA-free when it isn’t, etc. At least in the States, you can. But I will update this article to reflect the stretch test. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I get a free moment I will take a picture of me stretching it and add it to this article.

  3. Rosa Sobhani

    Great review. I was interested in most of the ones you reviewed, gave me a good start. Looking forward to trying out your recipes.

  4. Stacy Antley

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been seeing these advertised. As cool as they looked, I am a major skeptic when it comes to “as seen on TY” items. So, I am enthralled to read a real and positive review.

  5. Rachael Yerkes

    these are cool!

  6. These are so cool! Thank you for the great review!

  7. These are so creative and would be so helpful!

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