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Loaf of invisible apple cake on a white plate.

Invisible Apple Cake | Gâteau Invisible


I am a huge fan of apples and apple desserts. Also, French desserts are one of my favorite things to make and eat, combine the two and you have the invisible apple cake or Gâteau invisible aux pommes. This invisible apple cake recipe is so incredibly easy to make and […]

sliced mango next to a whole mango on a white plate.
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How To Eat Mangoes


I am a huge fruit lover, in particular, I love tropical and exotic fruits. From the Jujube fruit to the yellow dragon fruit to the passion fruit to many more fruits I have shared here on my website. In this article, learn all about one of my all-time favorite fruits, […]

Homemade peach galette on a white plate.

How to Make a Peach Galette


One of my favorite desserts to make with peaches is a classic homemade peach galette. They are so incredibly easy to make and you don’t need a special pan or anything. If you are a fan of peach desserts you have got to give this peach galette recipe a try. […]

Air fryer apple chips in a white bowl.

Air Fryer Apple Chips


I am a big fan of the air fryer. There are so many things that you can cook in them. Perfect for when you don’t want to turn on your oven or if you want to make small servings for just one or two people. One of my favorite recipes […]

Bowl of mulberries
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All About Mulberries


Growing up in California was a great time. We had a quarter-acre lot in a suburb of San Jose. My parents loved fruit trees and gardening so we always had fresh fruit and veggies. That also meant I had to spend time pulling weeds in the garden before I could […]

Easy homemade green smoothie on a white plate
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How to Make a Green Smoothie


I have been on a big green smoothie kick recently. For me, one of the easiest ways to shed a few extra pounds is just by changing my breakfast habits. When I switch to drinking a smoothie instead of eating cereal or my favorite bacon egg and cheese sandwich my […]

Lemon plum on a white plate.
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Lemon Plum


Growing up I ate a lot of plums. We had a few plum trees in my backyard and there were some neighborhood trees that we could pick plums off of as well when they were in season. Plums grow really well in California where I grew up. Recently I had […]

Two tropical white guavas on a white cake pedestal.
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White Guava


Guavas are one of my favorite fruits to eat. There are so many varieties of guava (guayaba) that you can choose from. The Tropical White Guava or also known as just the white guava, common guava, or guayaba is one of the most common along with the classic pink guava. […]

Honey pomelo on a white plate next to peeled fruit.
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Honey Pomelo


I love all things citrus and one of my favorite citruses is pomelo. There are several varieties of pomelo, Siamese Pink, Siamese Sweet, Chandler, Oroblanco, Tahitian, and a handful of others one of which is a classic pink pomelo that is green on the outside and pink in the middle. […]

Three Nutella crepes on a white plate.

Nutella Crepes Only 4 Ingredients


One of my favorite things to make and eat for breakfast are crepes. I just really love homemade crepes. Whether they are classic crepes or these yummy chocolate crepes. I just can’t get enough haha. Another favorite crepe recipe of mine is these Nutella crepes. They are so incredibly easy […]