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Gevi household 2.0 countertop nugget ice maker
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Gevi Nugget Ice Maker Review


If you are a fan of chewing ice and like it when it is soft, crunchy, and small then you have got to try nugget ice also known as pellet ice. Do you like the ice that you get at Sonic? The very popular American fast food chain. If so, […]

Three Kyoku knives on a white cutting board.
Product Reviews

Kyoku Knife Review


Time for another kitchen product review. I really enjoy testing out new products and adding them to my collection. In this article, I do a Kyoku Knife Review. Kyoku is a brand of Japanese-style knives that have been around for a while. In this Kyoku knife review, I take a […]

George Foreman grill closed on the ground
Product Reviews

George Foreman Grill Review


Time to take a look at one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the George Foreman Grill. In this review, I give my honest opinion of using one for nearly 20 years. I first started using a small one, after a decade of use, I upgraded to a larger one, which […]