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Plate full of apple pie cookies.

Apple Pie Cookies


Calling all apple pie and cookie lovers! I love the holidays it is a time for friends, family, and of course really good food. During this time I like to make all kinds of yummy desserts, cookies, pastries, etc. A really fun and easy treat to make is this apple […]

homemade cranberry sauce in a white bowl
Side Dishes

Homemade Cranberry Sauce


One of the most classic side dishes for the holiday season to go along with Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner has got to be cranberry sauce. Once you make homemade cranberry sauce from scratch you definitely won’t go back to the store-bought canned stuff. I do think the […]

Several bacon and cheese mashed potato balls in a bowl on a table.
Side Dishes

Bacon and Cheese Mashed Potato Balls


Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner usually has a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes on the table. And I can see why it is a great side dish and a crowd-pleaser. But what do you do with the leftovers? Well, you can reheat it the next day, or make this bacon […]

several Oreo Turkeys on a white plate

Oreo Turkeys


During the holidays baking treats and decorating the house comes into full swing. What could be better than edible decorations? These Oreo turkeys are awesome. They are super fun and easy to make and perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you are looking for a fun activity to do indoors […]

Pumpkin brownies on a white plate.
All Things Chocolate

Pumpkin Brownies


I love all things pumpkin and I am a bit of a brownie addict, so this homemade pumpkin brownies recipe is perfect! The Fall season is a popular time to make pumpkin-related desserts like pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies, etc. Time to add another yummy pumpkin dessert, pumpkin brownies. […]

stack of red velvet cake mix crinkles on a plate

Red Velvet Cake Mix Crinkles


If you are a fan of chocolate crinkle cookies you have got to try these delicious red velvet cake mix crinkles. A very popular cookie during the holidays here in the United States is a crinkle cookie. These red velvet cake mix crinkles are super festive and will go great […]

Sweet potato pie on a white table.

Sweet Potato Pie


I am not going to lie, I love pie. This homemade sweet potato pie recipe is so yummy and perfect for the holiday season. Of course, you can certainly make it any time of the year. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, or another special occasion, or just because, sweet […]

Slice of homemade pumpkin pie on a white plate.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie


This homemade pumpkin pie recipe is so amazing! I know, I know, it is so much easier to buy a pre-made pumpkin pie. Try making it at home and see if you like it. I dare you. I will admit growing up, homemade pumpkin pie wasn’t my favorite pie to […]

Pumpkin roll cake covered with powdered sugar, on top of a white plate on a wooden table.

Pumpkin Roll


I love everything pumpkin and this pumpkin roll recipe is so moist and tastes incredible. Time to impress your friends and family with this amazing cake. If you like cakes as much as I do, be sure and give this recipe a try. Whether it is for Thanksgiving or Christmas, […]

Easy classic stuffing in a white bowl on a wooden table
Side Dishes

Easy Stuffing


This homemade easy stuffing recipe is super simple to make and a perfect side dish for any meal, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas. Eat it by itself or place it in that turkey, totally up to you. I love eating a good buttery, flavorful stuffing with some of the edges of […]