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Zulay Manual Citrus Press Juicer Review


Today, I have another exciting kitchen product review for you. I’m going to be reviewing the Zulay manual citrus press juicer. If you press a lot of citruses and don’t want to buy an electric juicer, this product just might be for you.

The Zulay manual citrus press is made specifically for lemons and limes, but you can use it for smaller oranges as well. It is a really cool little product.

In this review post, I will talk about the product, what it is and used for, how to use it, and why or why not you may want to buy one.

What is the Zulay manual citrus press juicer?

Hand holding open a Zulay manual citrus press

When I first looked at the Zulay manual citrus press juicer on Amazon, I was really impressed with how much exposure it has on there. Over 20,000 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars. I was pretty excited to use it.

What is it? Well it is a manual juicer used to press smaller citrus like lemons, small oranges, limes, etc. It has two different color settings. One for the lemon-sized citrus and one for the lime-sized citrus.

The main function like the name implies is to press as much juice out of your citrus as possible. And you don’t have to squeeze the fruit with your hand either. It uses leverage and pressure to press the juicer out.

I had been using this other type of manual juicer for years, and was never quite happy with it.

Hand juicing an orange on a manual juicer.
(Not my favorite type of manual juicer)

The above type of juicer always seems to make my hand and wrist hurt using it. Especially if I had a bunch of oranges, lemons, etc., that I needed to juice. And it takes forever!

How to use the Zulay manual citrus press juicer?

Zulay manual citrus press juicer with a large half cut orange on it.

So how do you use the Zulay manual citrus press juicer? Cut your lemon, lime, small orange in half. Then open up the juicer and place it in cut side down. Use the appropriate size setting. If the fruit half is too large it won’t fit, and you can’t use this juicer for it.

It is meant to be used with smaller citrus. After you have your fruit half in there, you bring the top hand down and press it closed. This presses the juice out into a bowl, glass, etc.

Hand closing the Zulay manual citrus press juicer squeezing orange juice into a glass.

It does a really good job squeezing out that juice. Maybe not quite as good as an electric juicer, but still a great job.

Hand holding a pressed orange half.

Another thing that is nice is that it doesn’t squirt juice out the sides. Sometimes when squeezing citrus with your hand, juice squires everywhere.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, two different sizes, one for the lime, one for the lemon or small oranges. It works great.

You can use it for big and small jobs. Maybe you want to squirt just a little bit of juice on a meal use this instead of your hand. You wouldn’t get out the electric juicer to do that.

With that said if you had a major project you still might want to use an electric juicer or this type of manual press. Unless you want to get quite the workout manually pressing that citrus.

One caveat, if you have arthritis in your hands this product may not be the best for you and something like the larger manual press would be a better option.

Overall impressions

All right. There’s a short little look at the Zulay manual citrus press juicer. I really like it and have been using it for several years now.

It works really well with medium to small citrus, small oranges, lemons, and limes. Perfect if you don’t want to use your hand to squeeze them. And in my opinion it is better than the traditional manual juicer design.

Big oranges won’t work on this or big lemons or grapefruit, etc, so keep that in mind.

My kitchen gadget rating 9/10

It’s super handy and very helpful. I like it. I’m glad that I own it. If you think this would be useful for you, pick one up. I think you will like it. It definitely does the job well.

Zulay Manual Citrus Press Juicer Video Review

If you would like to watch my video review of this kitchen product you can watch it here:

Manual Citrus Press by Zulay | Product Review 11

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  1. Very valuable website. I also use Zulay Manual Citrus Press Juicer. i can say this juicer is very helpful for orange juicing. thank you for your review.

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