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Cereal Container Review: Are They Worth It?


Are you tired of an unorganized pantry? Maybe you have bags of cereal, rice, flour, etc., scattered about and you want things a bit more neat and tidy? If so, you may be interested in this cereal container and dry food storage set by Palm Tree Chef.

In this article, I do a cereal container review of a premium quality food storage set. Also, I give my opinion on cereal containers in general and if I think they are worth it or not.

And if you happen to be interested in picking up this particular cereal container set, I share a link where you can buy it. Now, on to the review!

Premium Quality Cereal & Dry Food Storage Container Set by Palm Tree Chef Review

Guy sitting behind several cereal containers resting on a wooden table.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Palm Tree Chef has no idea I am writing this review, all views, opinions, etc. are my own.

Before I move on to the review of this particular cereal container set, I want to point out, I have not always been the tidiest or well-organized when it comes to my kitchen and pantry. Growing up we had a few specific containers, but mostly we just used the containers and bags that the products came in.

But I always liked going to homes and seeing an incredibly well-organized and super tidy pantry. That brings us to this cereal container review.

I have owned this cereal container set for nearly 3 years now, and I am just getting around to writing a review about them. Although, I did film the video review a few weeks after I got them.

First Impressions

Cereal container box sitting on a wooden table.

The first thing I remember noticing when I got this set, is the box they came in was great. It was visually appealing and gave all the important information. Things like being dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe, were written right on the front.

There was a picture of the containers along with the accessories, which are dry-erasable stickers or labels, so you can label and relabel to your heart’s content. More about that a little later.

How do these cereal containers look and function?

Two cereal containers one with cheerios and the other with oats.

To me, they look really nice. They are a perfect size as well to hold a standard box of cereal or a container of oats. Some other ways I use it are to hold my flour, sugar, and rice, but they can also be used to hold drinks, etc.

Maybe you want to freeze leftover soup, etc.

These also take up less space as opposed to the big bags of cereal, rice, flour, which don’t always store well. So instead of throwing one of those big bags on the shelf, you can fill a cereal container up with it. And then tuck away the bag of leftovers somewhere else.

Also, I want to mention these containers are:

  • FDA approved
  • Made with a high quality, non-toxic, BPA free plastic
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
Measuring units on the side of the cereal container.

Each cereal container also has units of measure in both metric and standard US measurements. This is extremely helpful, especially if you are using it to hold punch, lemonade, etc.

Or if you need to measure large amounts of ingredients, like flour, sugar, water, etc., anything really where the standard measuring cups is too small.

Lid of cereal container.

The lid for each cereal container is very user-friendly. It has flaps that you lift up to remove the lid, and then when you put the lid on you snap them in place.

There is a freshness ring on the inside which creates a tight seal when the lid is fastened in place.

Hand opening the lid to the opening of the cereal container.

Also, the lid has a flap that you can open up, instead of taking the whole lid off. This allows you to pour the contents out very easily. I really like that function. It is fairly common among other cereal containers or food storage containers to have that feature.

The shape of the cereal container has a handle built right into it, instead of being perfectly rectangular, one side is shaped so it can easily be gripped.

Chalkboard Eraseable Labels

Set of black and white stickers on a wooden table.

Another cool feature is this cereal container and food storage set comes with chalkboard-style labels that you can stick onto the container.

Hand writing on a sticker on a cereal container.

Then you can write a label for whatever ingredient or food item is in the box. Later after it is empty, you can wash it out, then put a different food item in the container. Just erase the label with a paper towel and re-label it. I really like this!

So there you have it, a little review of this cereal container and food storage set from Palm Tree Chef. I think they are definitely worth it if you are looking to tidy up that pantry. But if haphazard storage is your thing, then you rock it!

If you are interested in picking up this exact set you can find it here:

It may or may not be in stock, if that is the case, you can probably find something similar. While I really like this particular brand, there are plenty of good options out there.

Bottom line, I think this would make a great gift for a friend or family member for a birthday, Christmas, housewarming, etc. Or maybe you want it for yourself!

Want some awesome other pantry storage ideas? Check out this pantry organization article from my friend.

Cereal Container Review Video

Cereal and Dry Food Storage Container Set by Palm Tree Chef | Product Review Episode 15

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  1. While I understand the appeal in regards to organisation, I find cereal boxes like these very bulky. Great if you have the space, not so much if you’re lacking it.

    • It all depends on what cereal you buy comes in. If you buy the big bags of cereal those are more bulky and take up much more space then these, but if you buy small boxes, then those take up less space.

  2. This is an awesome way to keep safe and organize the cereal.

  3. I love those Chalkboard Erasable labels. It’s very convenient. Good job leaving an honest and great review!

  4. Containers are really important, great blog though!

  5. I love your honest review. My only concern for these containers is tht you won’t know the expiry date unless you put a label on each one of it.

  6. I have been thinking of reorganizing my pantry and these are indeed a great way to have the cereals organized. Easy to see its current state too||!

  7. To me, this is a must! Cereal containers keep your cereal fresh and crispy, reduce food waste and keeps the bugs away.

  8. I think that airtight cereal containers are an absolute necessity. It keeps things fresh, it looks nice and tidy, and it’s easy to see what you have. Additionally, I live at the beach so if I do not have an airtight container I have soggy cereal.

  9. I think I could use a few of those. My kid likes to have several different cereals so it gets kind of crowded and messy.

  10. Cereal containers are a must here! And I use them for more than just cereal. I have containers for flour, sugar, bread crumbs… everything! I like the uniformed look in the pantry and I found bugs in my food too many times (yay Florida living) and this keeps them sealed so much better.

  11. We have a very similar set! I love them and use them all the time. My kids, however, forget that they are there because they don’t have a colorful box (forehead slap).

  12. I love that they are dishwasher safe, some plastic containers aren’t, so that is always a bonus! And I love those cute labels!

  13. These are nice! I like how slim they are, so I can fit more on my shelf and the chalkboard labels are super handy.

  14. Thanks for the review on these! I am always looking for ways to cut clutter and maximize space in my tiny pantry. These containers are super helpful!

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